Proof That Barack Obama is a Muslim

Honestly, I'm at a point in my life where I don't need proof. I just know. He's a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. The more I repeat it, the truer it becomes. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. He's an Islamic fundamentalist. It's common knowledge. Proof just gets in the way knowing the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamic fundamentalist. He has a copy of the Qur'an with all of the violent passages highlighted and underlined--and he keeps it in the oval office next to his picture of Khomeini. They found his copy of the Qur'an in the oval office. He blacked out everything but the violence. He highlighted and underlined the violence, and added a note to each passage saying "I'm Barack Obama--and I approve this message."

If that's true--and it is--my entire life will be much more meaningful and satisfying. The hate I experience when I see Obama the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist makes me feel like a real American. I can practically taste Richard Nixon's sweat when I identify Obama as a Muslim.

If you can't taste Richard Nixon's sweat, you're not a real American. You're either tasting Nixon's sweat or some Muslim holy water. Do Muslims use holy water? They probably use oil. If you taste oil when you see Barack Obama, you're a liberal piece of garbage. Unless it's Texas oil. Texas oil tastes like freedom. Saudi Arabian oil doesn't.

But the point is, Barack Obama is an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist. If that isn't true, why would I repeat it over and over again? The first time I said it, there was still some doubt--but after the thousandth time, there was none.

Barack Obama is a Muslim. He's a Qur'an believer. The Qur'an is nothing but a corrupted knockoff of the Bible that repeats lies over and over again. Muslims are exposed to those lies five times a day throughout their lives. The more they're repeated, the less true they become.

I'm a Real American