The Philippines

The Philippines is a chain of over 7,000 large and small islands, about a dozen of which make up 90% of the land area. Much of the country contains mountainous land and forests.

The majority of the Filipino population lives in farming communities, while about a third live in cities, especially in or near the capital Manila. There are many different ethnicities and language variations that have developed in the Philippines, but much of the culture and Filipino language is based on the Tagalog ethnic group and language. The Philippines is very westernized compared to other nearby countries, due to various control and influences throughout history by Spain and the United States.

Common themes of the Philippines include rice, corn, fishing, earthquakes, pleasant year round temperatures, art, storytelling, music, dancing, a strong emphasis on family and marriage, boxer Manny Pacquaio, Christianity, and timber production.

Philipino / Philippine / Filipino / Tagalog Proverbs

Where there is gossip, there will be arguing.

The person who is always criticizing others is usually the one who deserves criticism the most.

Avoiding danger is not cowardice.

Courage without discretion is no good.

Every community has its own customs and traditions.

If you buy things you donít need, you will soon be selling things you do need.

It is easier to dam a river than to stop the flow of gossip.

Alertness and courage are lifeís shield.

No matter how much care is taken, someone will always be misled.

The voluntary obedience of people depends on who is commanding them.

Many people count other peopleís faults and ignore their own.

If you like what you are doing, nothing is too far and no job is too hard.

The person who makes an error should be taught, and not made fun of.

A good character is more valuable than gold.

No child was ever born without having been conceived.

A good character is real beauty that never fades.

The child who is given everything he asks for usually wonít succeed in life.

Even if the truth is buried for centuries, it will eventually come out and thrive.

Strength is defeated by (a strong) strategy.

Every road leads somewhere.

A diligent person will soon prosper.

Water can wear away even the hardest rock.