li pure discretion, pure order, proper conduct, conduct according to what is right in the situation, the idea of what is proper and fit in all relations of things, pure activity, propriety, discrimination, outer function of jen, rightly manifesting action to express the pure inner self, true heart & good faith, divine quality, ritual, rites, ceremonial, etiquette, conduct and practice that elevates the self and humanity, what makes a person correct in governing himself and dealing with others, right attitude/emotions/faith/viewpoint, ideal nourishment, good habits, pure self-love, equability & harmony, self-restraint, restraining & refining force that creates a sense of balance and harmony in man, inward principle of proportion and self-control, balance wheel of conduct, tao, un-aimlessness, holy self-discipline, virtue training and production, avoiding evil, good sense & good form, divine principle and manners, values, pattern, distinction, regulation, reasonableness, pattern of the whole, what makes something what it is, judgment, instrument for character forming, what removes a person from perversity and increases what is beautiful in his nature, divine path, auspicious action, reverence & modesty, disciplined action, underlying structure of jen and the universe