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Drinking with Bob: The Internet's Biggest Asshole

I come across a lot of assholes on the internet--but there's one low life piece of shit who stands out among all e-assholes: a lunatic by the name of Bob Thompson a.k.a. Drinking with Bob. He's like the absolute worst of a conservative, libertarian, and a know-it-all on $43,000 worth of stimulants.

This is one of Bob's typical videos:

That wasn't a once-in-a-blue-moon I-lost-my-fucking-mind explosion. That was everyday Bob. He's just as insane in his 13,552 other videos

Screenshots from 25 Drinking with Bob videos

Even George W. Bush looks charming every once in a while--but Bob always looks like a complete piece of shit.

As you might imagine, Bob has plenty of nutcase fans and followers, and will almost certainly wind up with a show on Fox News.

Just look at some of the assholes who support him:

Even the people who disagree with Bob are usually lunatics:

Bob isn't a person so much as he's a comic book character.

A Drinking with Bob version of the TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Video Game

As a tolerant, reational person, I'm normally against prison and slavery. But let me just say this. Anyone who's ever posted a YouTube comment agreeing with Bob should be immediately be put in chains and sent to San Quentin. As for Bob himself (and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck), he should be made my personal slave--so I can tell him, "What's next? I'll tell you what's next. Make me a vegan pizza and go wash my car with a loofah."