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I've Been Banned from

Screenshot of Conservative - Sorry RodneyOhebsion, you are banned from using this forum! Forum Disruption

After attempting to reform some complete lunatics at, I've received what appears to be a lifetime ban from the site for "Forum Disruption"--which over there means "not being a lowlife psycho like the rest of us."

The interesting thing is that I actually made some sort of effort to avoid crossing certain lines and getting banned--but apparently, I still went too far. (I'm guessing my "I also arranged for my girlfriend to get an abortion. That's the third one this year. Hat Trick" comment was the one that put me over the top. Oh well.

I actually think the ban is validation that I'm a rational human being. In fact, I think every real liberal should go to the site and get banned. It's like the liberal equivalent of a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

Sort of. But if you really want to do your duty as a citizen, it's not enough to get banned from a site like that. It's beter to get the site banned. So hopefully, will get a lifetime ban from the internet. Don't get me wrong. I'm for free speech. But that doesn't cover lies. Free speech doesn't protect the right to lie. is claiming to be a source of fair and balanced news. And it's not! It's not fair and balanced! And it's not news! Well, I guess that particular site has never actually clamed to have fair and balanced news. But I don't give a shit. FoX News lies! As does! Ban them! Anyone who goes to one of those sites should be redirrected to The Huffington Post.

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