Living an Authentic Life

Based on the Teachings of Yang Chu

Most people disregard being themselves and following their hearts, and instead seek social recognition, honors, glory, fame, financial greed, title, reputation, status, social power, social approval, social praise, and a post life reputation.

Even in many people’s own solitary ways, they usually contemplate and abide by what they think others want them to see, hear, think, feel, and do, and they discredit what their own selves feel and think. And so, they lose the happiest moments of the present, and cannot really give way to their own thoughts and feelings for more than a few minutes.

Is this really different from being a chained prisoner? To live like that for a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand years, is to live a long but very unfortunate and miserable life.

Live according to your own heart, rather than according to what others demand. Live each moment living the actual life that is there. Let your heart experience what is there rather than what others tell you is there.

Let your eyes see what they see, not what other people want you to see. Let your ears hear what they naturally hear, not what others want you to hear. Let your mouth express yourself and not be burdened with concern for other people's approval or disapproval. Let your mind think what it should think and not let other people dictate your thoughts. If you don't follow the natural way for you sense and mind, you are neglecting what you owe to yourself. Break these oppressive things, and you will cultivate life. When you cultivate life, then you can live like you should even though your life will eventually lead to death. Being able to escape these oppressions for one day is better than living a hundred years being imprisoned by them.