A Collection of Wisdom

African Religions

It is estimated that about 100 million Africans currently practice one of the 60+ different traditional African religions. African religions are intertwined with African culture, proverbs, folktales, teachings, sayings, etc.

Although there is a diverse variety of African religions, many of them have several themes in common, such as:

African Religion Proverbs, Quotes, Chants, Prayers, Etc.

Nuer (Sudan) Prayer

Le us be at peace, let people’s souls be relaxed… Remove all evil from our path.

Bushmen (South Africa) Prayer

When the moon dies every month, let the sin in me die with it. When the moon is reborn each month, let the good in me be reborn with it.

Galla (Ethiopia) Prayer

Dear God, at dawn I thank you for the good night you gave me, and ask you to give me a good day. Dear God, at dusk I thank you for the good day you gave me, and ask you to give me a good night.

Yoruba (Nigeria) Chant

The sun shines and directs its hot ray to us; the moon rises in its glory. The rain will come again and the sun will shine again, and God’s vision moves over it. Nothing is hidden from him.

Pygmy (Zaire) Chant

In the beginning was God; today is God; tomorrow will be God. Who can make God’s image? He has no body. He is like a word that comes from your mouth—that word; it is no more. It is past, and still lives—so is God.

Gikuyu (Kenya)Teaching

God has no father or mother, and no wife or children—He is all alone. He is not a child, nor is He an old man—He is the same today as He was yesterday. He does not eat food, and he does not have messengers.

Zulu (South Africa) Proverb

God is he who is of Himself.

Banum (Cameroon) Proverb

[God is:] He-who-is-everywhere

Bacongo (Congo) Proverb

[God is:] The marvel of all marvels

Yoruba (Nigeria) Proverb

Character is religion.

Igbo (Nigeria) Proverb

If you say yes, your [personal] God will also say yes.

Burundian Proverb

God knows the things of tomorrow.

Ovambo (Angola) Proverb

God has nothing hidden from him.

Hutu (Rwanda/Burundi) Proverb

If you pray to God for blessings at the same time you are sitting on a fireplace, he will give you ashes.

Ethiopian Proverb

We do not see God, we only see His works.

More African Proverbs

God conceals himself from the mind of man, but reveals himself to his heart.

God will outlive eternity