Rodney Ohebsion

Hi. I'm Rodney Ohebsion, and this is my official website. If you don't like its design, feel free to go to TMZ. Around here, we do things my way. This is the design.

Here are some of my works.

Quotes and Proverbs
Modern Family - "Career Change" (Script)
The World (Children's Book)
Your TV
Onement VI
Almost Engaged (Animated Sitcom Pilot Script)
LeMontay (Animated Sitcom Pilot Script)
Don't Eat That
The News
How's Your Knee?
Bob Saget
A Collection of Wisdom
Weight Loss Center
Don't Lose Any Weight
Rodney Ohebsion: Liberal Hero
I'm a Real American
No Offense / With All Due Respect
I Want to Sue Someone
I Need Money
Getting an Agent
Movie Idea
America's Sweetheart
Inspirational Athletes
Tutorial: How to Open a Door
The Talk

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